Free Canadian
Living Will Forms

(All Provinces & Territories)

  • Continuing Power of Attorney for Personal Care (ON)
  • Representation Agreement for Health Care (BC)
  • Personal Directive (AB)
  • Health Care Directive (SK, MB, PE)
  • Advanced Health Care Directive (NF)
  • Authorization to Give Medical Consent (NS)
  • Generic Forms for areas with no legislation (NB and Territories)

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British Columbia

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
  • Answers to these important questions are on the main website:

    • What is the difference between a "Medical Directive" and the "Enduring Power of Attorney"?

    • Which forms do you use for your province, and if you move to another province, are they still effective?

    • Is a "Living Will" (a general name for a Medical Directive) legally binding upon your caregivers?

  • Most Will Kits and related documents such as the Living Will (Medical Directive) are going to be very similar no matter where you acquire them.

  • Paying money for these "blank" legal forms will soon be a thing of the past. With the ability to download documents through the Internet at practically no cost to the organization offering them and print them with your own paper and ink, the time has come for all such legal forms to be FREE.

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  • These documents are written in plain language and are completely free and downloadable within minutes.

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